Sportsman Cigarettes

An early example of animation in advertising, made by Indian-born artist Merton Lacey. This advertisement, which would have screened in cinemas before the main feature, promotes Pure Virginia Sportsman cigarettes (available in packs of 50).

"Smoked by all sports," the slogan proclaims, as cartoon figures of a jockey, a golfer, a football player and a tennis player appear on the screen.

Smoking was a widely accepted social practice during the 1920s; however, tobacco advertising would be banned on radio and television in New Zealand in 1963, in line with current health research.

Collection reference F26200
Year 1925
Credits Animation: Merton Lacey

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Overland Whippet

In this creative advertisement, promoting the Overland Whippet car, live action sequences showcasing the vehicle are intercut with humorous animation scenes.

An animated figure, identified only as "Skeptic," has his hat blown away by "4 wheel brakes! The first light car to adopt them!" According to the advertisement, the very modern car has "Hill-Power," "Brake-Power," "Ease in Traffic," and "High Speed."

"All of our traffic problems are over!" it announces, as an excited animated figure turns a backflip.

This advertisement was made overseas, with the final title then customised to promote local automobile companies – in this case Wellington company A. C. Hatrick.

Collection reference F18456
Year 1926

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Shell Oil – Note the Difference

This promotional film for Shell Oil suggests this is the ideal fuel for tractors, cars, lorries and motorbikes. It is made up of a range of rural and urban scenes, showing a tractor driving directly through a deep dam, a lorry towing a broken-down car up a muddy hill, motorbikers racing on a racetrack – even a young girl can drive a car fuelled by Shell!

An unusual technique of rotating the camera, causing the image to at first appear upside-down and then right itself, is used as innovative means of transitioning between scenes.

Towards the end of the film, the live action footage segues into a humorous animation of a man trying to start his car on a frosty morning.

"'Cross' Kerosene will pull you out of any 'hole.'"

Collection reference F39870
Year 1929

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Coles' Footwear

A film promoting G. A. Coles & Co. Ltd. Kapai Factory, Newton, Auckland, "the most up-to-date factory in the Dominion."

This promotion shows the complete shoe-making process: from four tonnes of leather being delivered to the factory; to the careful mechanical and hand cutting, stitching and assembly work; to a glamorous woman trying on a finished shoe in a store.

Collection reference F4376
Year 1921
Credits Production Company: Kinematographs Ltd

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