Toyota Hi-Lux – Barry Crump, Bumpy Track

Barry Crump takes Scottie (Lloyd Scott) inland in Scottie's new Toyota Hi-Lux. Scottie is busy telling Barry the advantages of the new Hi-Lux; Barry simply puts the Toyota through its paces.

The track's a bit bumpy in parts, but they get there and have a cuppa tea at the end.

"Toyota – You're so right!"

Collection reference C3734
Year 1982
Credits Production Company: Silver Screen; Cast: Barry Crump, Lloyd Scott

Toyota Hilux – Barry Crump, Wedding

Scottie takes Barry Crump on a hair-raising ride through Wellington – in a very new, very flash Toyota Hilux SR5 – to get to St Paul's Church in time for a mate's wedding.

Murray Watt of the advertising agency FCB recalled that: "The Crumpy ads appeared when we all seemed to be desperately looking for something or someone uniquely Kiwi to call our own." – Howard Russell, "Advertising Campaigns: The Fab Five," AdMedia, August 2003

Collection reference C1789
Year 1980s
Credits Production Company: Colenso; Cast: Barry Crump, Lloyd Scott

Toyota Starlet

In a scene laden with sexual innuendo, shots of a Toyota Starlet – gear changes, seat positions – are intercut with soft focus images of a woman – putting on lipstick, stiletto shoes.

"She's got style, she's got grace, she's a lady…"

The filmic technique of equating the female body with car bodies had been well-established for some time by the 1980s.

Collection reference C1819
Year 1983
Credits Production Company: Silver Screen; Music: "She's a Lady," written by Paul Anka

Wrightcars – Winner 1989 Best Radio Commercial (Station)

This advertisement with a memorable punch-line won Best Radio Commercial by a radio station at the 1989 New Zealand Radio Awards, for the staff of Radio Caroline in Timaru.

Collection reference 5386
Year 1989
Credits Advertiser: Wrightcars; Copywriters: Samuel Coley; Technical Producer: Donna Kerr; Voices: Mark Aldriges, Corran Crispe; Broadcaster: Radio Caroline, Timaru

Beaurepaires Tyres

"Along came Vince."

A truck driver (Jay Lagai'a) travels along the Desert Rd with a heavy load. He gets a flat tyre and is rescued by Vince Martin from Beaurepaires.

"Beaurepaires – good, fast and friendly."

Collection reference C1773
Year 1980
Credits Cast: Jay Lagai'a, Vince Martin

Anchor / Fernleaf Dairy – Fishing

This is an early advertisement from the beloved Anchor (Fernleaf) Family series of advertisements. This series – featuring young Sam, her separated parents, their various new spouses, and extended family – were the first New Zealand advertisements to portray a non-nuclear family. Adopting a soap opera style serial narrative, they brought the difficulties of co-parenting to the fore across a series of dramatic and humorous situations. Over the duration of the series, which ran for many years into the 1990s, Sam grew from a child to a teenager.

In this episode, young Sam is shown fishing off a wharf with her Granddad. She tells him Mum says he needs to cut down on salt and stop smoking.

This advertisement was directed by Lee Tamahori, who would go on to direct Once Were Warriors (1994).

Collection reference C3221
Year 1989
Credits Production Company: Flying Fish; Director: Lee Tamahori; Cast: Hannah Gould; Music: "My Girl," by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White

Anchor / Fernleaf Dairy – Supermarket

Another early advertisement from the classic Anchor (Fernleaf) family series. In this episode Mum and Sam are shopping. Mum interrogates Sam about her weekend staying with her father.

This advertisement was directed by Lee Tamahori, who would go on to direct Once Were Warriors (1994).

Collection reference C2542
Year 1989
Credits Production Company: Flying Fish; Director: Lee Tamahori; Cast: Rhonda Findleton, Hannah Gould; Music: "My Girl," by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White

Steinlager – All Blacks

A montage of images of the 1987 All Blacks preparing for their victorious 1987 World Cup Campaign. Slow motion shots of their muscular bodies idealise the men as heroes.

Voiceover: "Stand by the All Blacks. We Are. Steinlager, official sponsors of the 1987 World Cup Challenge."

This advertisement likely would not be able to be made today. Stricter codes of advertising set by the Advertising Standards Authority now specify that: "heroes that minors may wish to emulate or that have strong appeal should not be included in alcohol advertising […] A number of teams in particular have been identified as heroes of the young. They include the All Blacks, the Kiwi League team, the Warriors League team, the Black Caps cricket team and the Silver Ferns netball team."

Collection reference C2465
Year 1987
Credits Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi; Music: Stand By Me; Cast: 1987 All Blacks

Give 'em a Taste of Kiwi – Lion Breweries, 1984 Olympics

This version of the 1980s sports anthem "Give 'em a Taste of Kiwi" was used by Lion Breweries to promote their sponsorship of New Zealand's team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The song was written in 1980 by New Zealand musician and jingle-writer extraordinaire Murray Grindlay, as part of an All Blacks TV campaign. Murray has been responsible for many of our most memorable advertising moments of the 1970s and 80s.

Collection reference 33926
Year 1984
Credits Advertiser: Lion Breweries; Music: Murray Grindlay

Pick It Up – 1987 America's Cup Jingle

"Pick It Up" was a promotional jingle written by Murray Grindlay for New Zealand's KZ-7 1987 America's Cup challenge, sponsored by Bank of New Zealand. It was released as the B-side of the 45rpm single "Sailing Away." It is used here as the intro for Radio New Zealand's live coverage of the yacht racing in Perth, hosted by Paddy O'Donnell in "The Tonight Show."

"Sailing Away / Pick It Up" spent nine weeks at number 1 in the singles chart. It was in the tradition of the "celebrity super-group" singles, which were popular in the 1980s (such as "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and "We Are The World") and featured a who's who of Aotearoa's pop and rock talent of the day, performing under the name "All of Us."

However, some were not so enthusiastic about "Sailing Away's" appropriation of the traditional waiata "Pokarekare Ana."

Collection reference 35211
Year 1987
Credits Advertiser: BNZ Challenge Club; Broadcaster: Radio New Zealand Commercial Network; Music: Murray Grindlay

Ansett Airlines

It's pouring with rain when a man arrives at the airport, only to find that he has accidentally brought Fluffy, the cat, with him. He arrives at the Ansett counter sodden.

"I've got a problem," he says. "Give Fluffy to me" says the ever-helpful attendant.

"What a big difference a little extra service can make."

Collection reference C2471
Year 1980s
Credits Production Company: newblood & old money; Director: Adrian Hayward; Cast: Peter Hambleton, Rachel Bullock, Jo Bryant

Telecom – Rural

A remote farm, a storm is about to break, the atmosphere is dark and brooding. Dogs are barking, a ute is coming up the drive, you could cut the tension with a knife...

"Gidday Phil Jackson, Telecom, someone round here want a phone put on?"

A sigh of relief, "come on in, thought you were from the bank."

Voiceover: "Keep in touch with Telecom, the network that doesn't stop."

Collection reference C2139
Year 1988
Credits Production Company: Flying Fish; Director: Lee Tamahori; Cast: Judy Douglas, Ron Kjestrup, Doug Scroope

Telecom – Mobile

A suave young Auckland businessman has it all with his mobile phone (that's the suitcase he's carrying). His busy day is punctuated by phone calls.

The Telecom (now Spark) mobile network was introduced to Auckland in 1987 and spread progressively throughout the country.

Learn more about New Zealand's first mobile phones.

Collection reference C2497
Year 1987
Credits Production Company: Window, Jupiter, Karl Marks, Omnicon; Director: Denis Piel

Adler Typewriters – Finalist 1983 Best Radio Commercial (Agency)

This advertisement for Adler electronic typewriters was a finalist in the 1983 Best Radio Commercial category for ads created by advertising agencies at the New Zealand Radio Awards.

The commercial is characterised by typewriter-like sound effects and a catchy jingle: "Touching you, is a smoother, quieter thing to do."

Collection reference 35862
Year 1983
Credits Advertiser: Adler; Writer/Producer: Tony Stevens; Agency: Rialto Advertising

Apple – "I've Bought a Computer!"

A man announces to his colleagues in a busy office: "I’ve brought a computer!" At first they are bemused by the technology, but as they discover, "anyone can learn the basics in just 30 minutes."

Collection reference C1791
Year 1984
Credits Production Company: Silver Screen

Apple – Farmer

A real kiwi farmer (Andy Anderson) announces in the pub that he has bought a computer. His friends laugh and scoff, spilling their drinks in a mixture of hilarity and surprise, but they want to check it out.

The farmer and his friends crowd round the computer in awe.

"So simple to operate you can teach yourself the basics, yet so versatile there's over 10,000 individual programmes to choose from. Apple Computers, simply good business."

Collection reference C1790
Year 1984
Credits Production Company: Silver Screen; Director: Geoff Dixon; Writer: Ian Watson; Cast: Ian Watkins, Andy Anderson, Bruce Alpress

BASF Tapes

Tony Williams – who also directed the Gregg's "Different Faces" advertisements, and went onto direct the Crunchie Bar "Gold Rush" and Toyota "Bugger" advertisements – achieved further distinction with this advertisement.

This advertisement, made for BASF audio tapes, won international awards and was one of the most famous commercials of the 1980s.

The imagery evokes the top-rating TV series M*A*S*H (so much so that the first two names on the mail call – O'Reilly, Pierce – were M*A*S*H characters), and even drops in a Humphrey Bogart line for good measure. Drawing upon these pre-existing popular culture tropes cuts the actual branding time to a few silent seconds.

It was filmed at Red Rocks, on the South Wellington coast.

Learn more about this advertisement on NZOnScreen.

Collection reference C1754
Year 1981
Credits Production Company: Tony Williams Productions; Actor: Tony Williams; Music: Murray Grindlay; Singer: Jacqui Fitzgerald; Created by: Roger Brittenden; Written By: Doug Moroney & Roger Brittenden

Westpac Handicard

Automatic tellers and electronic banking are so much part of modern life that it is hard to remember there was a time when radio commercials were needed to explain the benefits of a cash card, branded here as a "Handicard."

This series of radio commercials featuring the "Famous Four" are in the vein of the 1980s British TV comedy skits that spoofed Enid Blyton's "Famous Five" series of children's books.

The characters act out several scenarios in which a Handicard proves useful in their adventures.

Collection reference 1359
Year 1986
Credits Advertiser: Westpac Bank

National Bank Visa

A sprightly man goes shopping in Parnell with his Visa card.

"Zip zap, National Bank Visa – in a most delightful way."

Collection reference C2519
Year 1981

Auckland Savings Bank – Payline

In the early 1980s when a pay-cheque still really was a cheque – or even cash – the novel idea of having your pay direct-credited into your bank account was worth advertising.

This ad for Auckland Savings Bank's (now ASB) "Payline" service, with its catchy jingle, was broadcast on Auckland's Radio Hauraki.

As the station was aimed at the youth market, the advertisement targets those who are "just starting to go to work."

Collection reference 24211
Year 1981
Credits Advertiser: Auckland Savings Bank; Broadcaster: Radio Hauraki

Kiwi Bonds – I'm Backing New Zealand

New Zealand Government-issued Kiwi Bonds were paying investors a hefty 19 percent interest at the time of this radio commercial from the mid-1980s. This was the days of a booming stock market and high interest rates, prior to the crash of 1987.

The proceeds from Kiwi Bonds go into the Government's general purpose account, and this commercial plays on patriotism to encourage investors to "back New Zealand."

The vocalist in this jingle is the late Bunny Walters, who had several chart hits in the 1970s and featured on many 1980s advertising jingles.

Collection reference 1359
Year 1986

Skyline Skyrides – Winner 1986 Best Radio Commercial (Station)

This advertisement for what was then Rotorua's latest tourist attraction, Skyline Skyrides gondolas, won Best Radio Commercial by a radio station in 1986 at the New Zealand Radio Awards, for the staff of Radio Rotorua.

Includes the rousing jingle: "Lift me high, on a skyride I can fly / Ride to the sky, Skyline Skyrides."

Collection reference 35674
Year 1986
Credits Advertiser: Skyline Skyrides; Writer/Producer: Mike Vink; Voices: David Hepi, Karen Hepi, Stormy Ainsworth; Presenter: Max Miller; Broadcaster: Radio Rotorua

Blue Hawaii – Winner 1988 Best Radio Commercial (Agency)

This advertisement won Best Commercial by an advertising agency at the New Zealand Radio Awards in 1988. It features vocals by Murray Grindlay, the songwriter and musician who was responsible for many of the decade's most memorable commercials.

The ukelele-driven jingle for Blue Hawaii wine cooler invokes images of the Pacific islands: "Palm trees, tropical breeze... I'd like another drink please."

Collection reference 5307
Year 1988
Credits Advertiser: Blue Hawaii; Writer/Producer: Roger Brittenden; Voice: Murray Grindlay; Technical Producer: Tony Moon; Agency: Mainstream Ads, Auckland

NZ Tourism – Don't Leave Town Till You've Seen the Country

A young Kiwi man travels the world, but he's unable to answer questions about places in New Zealand. His standard reply is "Dunno, I've never been there."

"Hey man, do you know where the Victoria Falls are?", "Somewhere near Taupo aren't they?"

He is unable to impress a sophisticated Frenchwoman with his geographical knowledge.

"A word of advice to all New Zealanders: don't leave town till you've seen the country."

Collection reference C2570
Year 1984
Credits Production Company: Colenso; Client: New Zealand Tourist & Publicity Board

AIDS – The Facts

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation was formed in 1985, out of the gay community's response to the outbreak of HIV in the early 1980s.

The first case of HIV was recorded in New Zealand in 1984, with 136 men testing positive for HIV by 1986.

Fear, myths and misinformation surrounded AIDS in the early years and measures like these radio commercials were taken to try and educate the public at large.

Collection reference 39908
Year 1985
Credits Advertiser: New Zealand AIDS Foundation

Telethon – Billy T. James

In this advertisement promoting support of the Child and Youth Development Trust via the 1985 Telethon, comedian Billy T. James tells a story about getting his jokes from kids.

"Get in and join us on Telethon. It’ll be choice."

Telethons were frequently held in New Zealand during the 1970s and 80s, by TVNZ. They were fundraisers of 24 hour duration, held in various regional centres, with continuous television coverage of the live events bringing together prominent celebrities of the day to encourage the public to give to selected charitable causes. People came along en masse to enjoy the entertainment, give donations, or simply appear on television.

The theme song, "Thank You Very Much for Your Kind Donation," was used to acknowledge donations.

Collection reference C4996
Year 1985
Credits Cast: Billy T. James

Red Nose Day – Ilona Rogers

Ilona Rogers (dressed as Maxine Redfern, her character from the 1985 soap Gloss ) encourages people to join the Red Nose Day appeal for research into cot death.

Collection reference C7022
Year 1989
Credits Cast: Ilona Rogers

Red Nose Day – Buck Shelford

Rugby legend Buck Shelford encourages people to join the Red Nose Day appeal. He uses his red nose to show off his ball skills.

Collection reference C7018
Year 1989
Credits Cast: Buck Shelford

Cadbury Crunchie

A wacky train robbery scene, blending found footage from Western films with newly shot scenes. Everyone – including German soldiers, policeman, cowboys and granny – try to get hold of the Crunchie bars.

Jingle: "Have a Crunchie, hokey pokey bar. Crazy Crunchie hokey pokey bar."

The advertisement was made by Colenso, New Zealand’s highest-earning advertising agency in the 1980s.

Collection reference C2074
Year 1981
Credits Production Company: Tony Williams Productions, Colenso; Director: Tony Williams; Cast: Ian Watkin; Music: Murray Grindlay

Cadbury Creme Eggs

"Don't get caught with egg on your face" warns the refrain. But two school children, hiding under their desks, aren't fast enough.

Collection reference C2084
Year 1985
Credits Agency: Colenso

Cadbury Flake

Romantic, soft focus scenes of a woman wearing delicate, flowing garments, walking through the countryside while eating a Flake bar.

The jingle sings "Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate."

Collection reference C1815
Year 1983
Credits Production Company: Silver Screen

Pixie Caramel Chocolate Bar

A prisoner makes a Pixie Caramel his last request and, by doing so, escapes the firing squad. The executioners get tired of waiting for him to finish and they fall asleep.

Pixie Caramel, "the longer lasting chew."

Collection reference C2418
Year 1980
Credits Production Company: Aardvark; Director: Roger Donaldson; Cast: Tony Wood

Lion 10 Draught Beer

A Kiwi bloke has a good time watching rugby with mates, playing darts and chatting to a woman at the pub.

"I just scored a 10, babe" repeats the jingle (while an "Aussie fella" fails to do so).

Advertisements in the Lion 10 "I just scored a 10" series – in particular a variant of this advertisement which included a lingering close-up on a female bartender's cleavage – prompted a flurry of protests over their objectification of women while the campaign was running in 1982.

This advertisement likely would not be able to made today. Stricter codes of advertising set by the Advertising Standards Authority now specify that: "While alcohol advertising and promotions may depict the consumption of alcohol as incidental to a friendly and happy social environment, it shall not promote drinking alcohol as a better or more attractive lifestyle choice nor imply that the success of a social occasion depends on the presence or consumption of alcohol."

Collection reference C1814
Year 1982
Credits Production Company: Silver Screen; Director: Geoff Dixon

Griffins Wine Biscuits

Brother and sister, Timothy and Amanda, sit eating Griffins Wines.

Amanda talks incessantly, Timothy doesn't take a lot of notice. "Oh Timothy, I do enjoy these little chats we have together over our Griffins Wines. I'm so lucky to have such a fascinating brother!"

This is one of a long running series featuring Timothy and Amanda.

Collection reference C2599
Year 1985
Credits Production Company: Sydney Film Company; Director: Tony Williams

Buttermark Cheese

A group of people wake up in a living room after sitting up all night watching the All Blacks lose to the Barbarians.

At first they are distraught, and Badfinger’s "Without You" plays morosely on the soundtrack, but they make a batch of cheese mousetraps and then start smiling again.

"You can’t call it a day without cheese."

Collection reference C3112
Year 1987
Credits Production Company: Omnicon

Greggs Coffee – Single Girl

Four friends call in on a friend for coffee at her apartment. They chat happily and offer her flowers.

The jingle sings: "The finest taste to say ‘hello.’ It’s the coffee friends will favour. Hello Gregg’s, hello flavour…"

Collection reference C3412
Year 1982

Fruju Iceblock

A range of yellow costumes and props are matched with the yellow of the iceblock being advertised. A woman in a yellow bikini swings off a rope into a river, she squirts a man in yellow togs with a hose, he windsurfs on a vessel with a yellow sail.

"You’re going to know when the Fruju hits you. Oooh! Ahh!" the jingle repeats.

Collection reference C2187
Year 1980s
Credits Director: Graeme Marshall

Yopi Dairy Dessert

A little boy writes home in the midst of a chaotic Boy Scout and Brownie camp. His letter of misery and woe becomes a voiceover song pleading for his parents to bring him home. But then the Yopi comes out, spirits improve and the boy makes friends. The song's message reverses itself and the little boy pleads not to be collected early. The song is based on the famous 1963 novelty hit "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (A Letter from Camp)" by Allan Sherman.

Collection reference C3805
Year 1985
Credits Agency: Colenso

Nut Roll

A street gang dance down an alleyway with a blonde woman dressed in white. "Everybody’s nut rolling," sings the catchy jingle.

Collection reference C2464
Year 1985

Sanitarium – Honey Puffs

This advertisement opens with two children reading a storybook, we are then transported into a animated world where bees collect pails of honey and take them back to the hive – where they run a Honeypuffs factory.

Jingle: "keep looking for the funny honeybees, Honeypuffs are yours and mine."

Collection reference C6310
Year 1982

Georgie Pie

A family eat at a Georgie Pie restaurant while a talking pie explains "pie mania" to them.

Collection reference C2913
Year 1986

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Peach Prime Sausages

In this advertisement sausages are presented with a range of different garnishes.

Stop motion montage editing is used to show bites being taken out of the sausages.

Collection reference C3312
Year 1984

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Toshiba Microwave

In this humorous skit promoting Toshiba microwaves, a brain surgeon heats his roast chicken dinner in his new microwave, having no knowledge of how it works. He has his surgical utensils on the ready to carve the chicken. The neighbour, television chef Alison Holst, calls by to borrow a cup of sugar.

"The new Toshiba microwave oven – you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to use it… In fact, it’s like having Alison Holst in your kitchen."

Collection reference C3327
Year 1989
Credits Production Company: Motion Pictures; Cast: Alison Holst, Ian Mune

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Glad Wrap

Two coal miners are having lunch. One has his sandwiches wrapped in paper, he's a sad lad. The other is a glad lad, his sandwiches are wrapped in glad wrap and are fresh and tasty.

"You must be mad not to 'ave Glad. So don't be sad. Just be Glad."

Collection reference C1865
Year 1985
Credits Production Company: Motion Pictures; Director: Nigel Hutchison; Writer: John Dawson; Agency: JWT Auckland; Voiceover: Harry Moss

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Gerard Roofing

Singer John Rowles joins a young family celebrating their new Gerard roof – natural colours and a unique look.

"Go for G-G-G-G-G-G-Gerard. Go for Gerard and your roof is looking good."

Collection reference C2482
Year 1980s
Credits Production Company: Aldous Creative; Cast: John Rowles

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Treasures Ultra

Adult voices are overlaid over images of babies sitting at a bar – they discuss the benefits of the new model Treasures Ultra nappies.

Collection reference C3217
Year 1989
Credits Production Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

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Sesqui Year 1990

Over aerial shots of stunning natural landscapes, a karanga rings out to unite New Zealand's past, present and future. Children holding lighted candles gather and form the sesqui symbol.

"Our Country, Our Year. Huia tuia, tui tua."

Collection reference C3276
Year 1989
Credits Production Company: Flying Fish; Client: 1990 Commission

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Commonwealth Games

A scene plays out in black and white, "Behind the lines near Passchendaele. 1917," during World War I.

A group of Commonwealth soldiers place bets to see who the fastest runner is. As they run, the background music repeats the lyrics "We’re going to join together – we’re the best."

At end of the race, the men joke "we should do this again someday." The image dissolves to colour footage showing a group of contemporary athletes.

"January 1990, Auckland, New Zealand: join them."

This advertisement was directed by Lee Tamahori, who would go on to direct Once Were Warriors (1994).

Collection reference C2569
Year 1989
Credits Production Company: Flying Fish; Director: Lee Tamahori; Cast: Bruno Lawrence, Judy McIntosh, Tony Barry, Joel Tobeck, Peter Elliot, Philip Gordon, Wiki Oman, Gary Stalker, Rob Jayne, Ian Mune

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Bata Bullets – Steal the Scene

A edgy-looking gang of young people dance in an abandoned warehouse. A girl and boy impress each other with their shoes, which are showcased in close-up shots.

"Steal the scene in Bata Bullets" sings the jingle.

Collection reference C2799
Year 1983
Credits Production Company: Mattebox Films

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Bata Shoes – Karyn Hay

Television host Karyn Hay makes skillful use of deadpan humour in this advertisement.

She leans out the window of a car and holds up a jelly shoe, declaring: "from the Bite Off More Than You Can Shoe Department comes a new shoe that is so plastic… But they’re really nice!"

Collection reference C2764
Year 1984
Credits Cast: Karyn Hay

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L'eggs Pantyhose – Blind Date

A young woman gets ready for a date, but realises her pantyhose are baggy: "I remember my first blind date. I wanted to look so nice. The last thing I wanted was – darn it – wrinkly panty hose!"

Luckily nobody else noticed, but she learned to only buy L'eggs in future!

Collection reference C2871
Year 1980

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Dream Merchants Water Beds

Sleeping Beauty reclines on a Dream Merchants water bed – bad luck for the hapless Squires who must wake her!

Collection reference C2434
Year 1982
Credits Writer: Roy Meares

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Hodder and Tolley – Tui Garden Galore

Tui Garden Galore, "the complete natural garden fertilizer… You won't be disappointed."

Collection reference C7793
Year 1980
Credits Production Company: Television New Zealand

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Huggies Fabric Softener

Huggie the teddy bear, asleep in a basket, comes to life and talks about the benefits of Huggie Fabric Softener.

"If you love softness you'll love me… Huggly softness that's really less expensive."

Collection reference C1996
Year 1987

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Sunlight Liquid Detergent

A little boy wearing a Flash Gordon sweater helps his grandad do the dishes.

Grandad tells his grandson, "your cobber Flash Gordon uses Sunlight." They admire the clean dishes: "squeaky clean – even Flash Gordon can’t get dishes any cleaner than that!"

Collection reference C1720
Year 1982
Credits Cast: Derek Hardwicke

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Harpic Toilet Cleaner

A talking toilet flaps its lid with joy after being cleaned by a woman using Harpic.

Collection reference C1509
Year 1984
Credits Production Company: Video Images

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Michael Hill Jeweller

Engagement rings float through the air.

With rousing piano accompaniment comes the song: "You're going to shine, shine like a diamond."

"We specialise in diamonds that show the way you feel… You'll shine like a diamond at Michael Hill Jeweller."

Collection reference C2904
Year 1987
Credits Production Company: Living Pictures

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U.V. Sunfilter

Groups of colourfully costumed people apply sunscreen in the desert, on a golf course, at the pool, and on a beach.

This advertisement is unsubtle in its innuendo and sexualisation of the female body.

Over a techno soundtrack, a woman’s voice seductively whispers "protection, protection" and "deep moisture," as the jingle repeats "you can get it with U.V."

"Protection for every body under the New Zealand sun."

Collection reference C2283
Year 1982

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