Cadbury – Pinky

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A 1970s disco complete with hip people, bell bottom trousers, afros, strobe lighting, and music performed by Marc Hunter and the band Dragon.

"Pinky: some people say you’re kind of kinky," goes the jingle. "I get to thinking about red satin wrappers, chocolate marshmallow."

A heavily made-up young man – who is reminiscent in his mannerisms of Dr Frank-N-Furter from the film Rocky Horror Picture Show,  released the previous year – goes around the party offering dancers chocolate bars in a salacious manner.

Directed by Tony Williams, who also directed the Choysa "Different Faces" advertisements.

Catalogue Reference C1780

Year 1976


Production Company: Tony Williams Productions
Director: Tony Williams
Director of Photography: David Gribble
Music: Murray Grindlay
Actor: Michael Wilson
Performer: Nicky Ritchie
Singer: Marc Hunter
Singer: Eliza Keil

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