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Explore stories from Aotearoa New Zealand’s rich and diverse film history.

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7 December 2023

A look at how homegrown sound-on-film technology changed the making and showing of feature films in the 1930s.

8 November 2023

Producer John Barnett reflects on the film that brought Murray Ball's beloved comic strip to life on the big screen.
Cartoon film poster.

3 July 2023

We reflect on the documentary films of Jan and Luit Bieringa and our time working with them, ahead of the National Library's special screenings of their films.
Promotional material for film screenings.

24 January 2023

Norman Blackie was a keen amateur filmmaker, who arrived in Tauranga with his wife Odine in 1942.

8 December 2022

In 1934 Ōtaki was the site of a major commemoration – the Diamond Jubilee of Archbishop Francis Redwood. The occasion is beautifully captured in a newsreel.
Archbishop Francis William Redwood.

2 November 2022

An intern discusses the project to create a database and finding aid for the archived works of Dame Gaylene Preston.
Photo of Dame Gaylene Preston sitting in a house.

3 October 2022

We asked a few questions for Annabel Cooper about the portrayal of the New Zealand Wars in Utu and The Te Kooti Trail.
Cast and crew photo from the set of The Te Kooti Trail

19 July 2022

Read about footage captured by W. Franklyn Barrett in 1909 of Aotearoa New Zealand's stunning natural landscapes.
Tourists aboard boats at Milford Sound.

14 June 2022

Learn about this recently digitised collection of WWII films and photographs.
Image of musicians performing.

14 June 2022

The origins of the project to digitise and bring the Norm Hatch collection to New Zealand.
An M3 tank moving inland from the shore.

13 June 2022

Norman was one of 21,000 US Marines who arrived in the Wellington region to prepare for or recover from combat in the Pacific, between June 1942 and November 1943.
A congo line at the American Red Cross "Cecil Club" in Wellington during WWII.

14 April 2022

Ramarihi MacDougall, a Collections Archivist at Ngā Taonga, describes her journey of mahi raranga (Māori weaving)
Title screen from Aku Mahi Whatu Maori – My Art of Maori Weaving

1 February 2022

For Waitangi Day 2022, staff at Ngā Taonga combed through the archives to make a special audiovisual programme to commemorate the signing of Te Tiriti.
A large waka on the horizon at sunrise

28 December 2021

The classic Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision ‘Don’t Let It Get You’ (Mary-Louise Browne, 2010) artwork has delighted viewers for more than 10 years.
Neon sign that says 'DONT LET IT GET YOU'.

2 November 2021

We talk with film preservationists about the choices and the challenges involved in working on items in our collection.
Image of the Patu! exhibition.

19 October 2021

Young viewers share their first impressions of Len Lye's art films.
Artist Len Lye is in profile in front of an abstract mural

5 October 2021

A chat with Barry Thomas
Man smoking.

6 July 2021

Our online exhibition Free Radical: Len Lye at 120 is an exciting showcase of two dozen of Len Lye’s remarkable films.
Len Lye - still image of colours.

8 June 2021

Dredging of the Ōtaki River in the 1940s. Digitised for an exhibition at the Ōtaki Museum – Ōtaki is the River.
Ōtaki River and the dragline.

25 May 2021

As part of commemorations of the 40th anniversary of the Film Archive, we’re sharing this article, first published in 2002.
A film still from The Departure of the Second Contingent for the Boer War. A group of soldiers are riding horses.

27 April 2021

We recently made this new scan – comparing our latest scan of archival material with an earlier version.
thThe Australian Temperance and General Mutual Life Assurance Society (T&G) Building with scaffolding around it.

9 March 2021

Carmen Rupe (1936–2011) was an entertainer, café owner, sex worker and the most prominent transgender woman of her time.
Framegrab of Carmen Rupe from the documentary Carmen.

2 March 2021

Inspired by artist Len Lye, this special reputation was recently at the core of a collaboration Dries van Noten.
Photography by Viviane-Sassen - Three models.

16 February 2021

Fred O’Neill was an award-winning New Zealand filmmaker, and a specialist in Claymation and stop-motion.
Fred O'Neill with some of his plasticine creations, that he used in his animations.

2 February 2021

Waitangi Day has been officially commemorated since 1934 and the way New Zealanders mark the day has changed over time.
Reflecting on Waitangi

19 January 2021

Ngā Taonga played a part in officially launching Wellington’s strategy for its first four years as a UNESCO City of Film.
Wellington Cityscape - UNESCO City of Film.

12 January 2021

2020 has been a wild ride and we hope you’ve come through safely. It’s certainly forced a few rethinks on how things are handled.

1 December 2020

As part of our search for the missing early films of Robert Steele, we received a slew of tips and insights.
Screengrab from the film 'The Wife Who Knew' - woman opening a bag.

10 November 2020

Hydroelectric power has a long history in Aotearoa New Zealand, with the first projects commissioned in the early 20th century.
A black and white photo of the Waitaki dam.

3 November 2020

One of the films in the Reel Life Home and Garden programme [which screened in Featherston and Wellington in July 2014] shows a Wairarapa property, ‘Plas-Gwyn’
A large house stands in a garden with a car parked outside

18 September 2020

We need your help solving a mystery of missing movies! Robert Steele's lost film.
Still from the film 'A mild Case of Murder'

8 September 2020

Discover what it took to get a Fell Locomotive over the Remutaka Range.
Fell engine on Rimutaka incline.

11 August 2020

The curation and development of a video compilation that would become 'Ngā Wai e Rua: Stories of Us'
The waka Te Aurere at sea

20 July 2020

Many pre-existing legends, indigenous oral histories, short stories and novels have been adapted into moving image and sound recordings.
Two books lie side by side, one is called Smith's Dream, and the other is called Sons for the Return Home.

13 July 2020

Matariki is the Māori new year and an important time in New Zealand
An image of stars in the night sky with the words ' Matariki Shines on the New Year - Kānapanapa mai ana a Matariki'

16 June 2020

We’ve asked staff to describe an item from the collection that they really like. Here’s Collection Developer Siobhán Garrett.